Imperva integration
  • 02 Aug 2023
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Imperva integration

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Imperva WAF (Web Application Firewall) helps in protection against sensitive data theft and protecting important transactions. With a comprehensive suite of products, including Web Application Firewall (WAF), Data and File Security, DDoS Protection, Cloud Security, and API Security, Imperva empowers businesses to protect their digital assets, ensure data integrity, and maintain compliance. Traceable provides an integration with Imperva's WAF to block IP addresses and threat actors.

Traceable's integration with Imperva supports the following two types of rules:

  • IP range rules
  • Threat actor rules

The following is a high-level integration diagram:

Make a note of the following regarding threat actor and IP range blocking:

  • Threat actor - Any status change of threat actor on the Traceable Platform is propagated to Imperva. For example, if Traceable detects a threat actor and changes it to a deny state, then the requests from this threat actor can be blocked using Imperva. Moreover, if you make any changes, for example, adding a threat actor to allowlist or resolving the status, then such changes are reflected in Imperva in a few minutes.
  • IP-range blocking - If you configure any custom rules to enforce blocking or allow action is also enforced through Imperva.

Traceable recommends going through allow list conditions before creating any IP-range rules. For more information, see IP address allowlist.

Before you begin

Make a note of the following before proceeding with the integration steps:

  • To integrate Imperva with Traceable, make sure that you have an API ID and API-Key from Imperva. For more information, see Imperva documentation.
  • The policies configured in Traceable apply to all the websites present in the configured Imperva account.
  • The policies set by Traceable would have their name as Traceable:<UUID>.


To integrate Traceable with Cloudflare, navigate to the Integrations page. Complete the following steps:

  1. Click on WAF.
  2. Click on Configure on the Imperva card.
  3. Add the API ID and API Key that you fetched from Imperva in the Add New Imperva Integration window and click on Save.

Verify in Imperva

Log in to your Imperva account and navigate to WAF menu and click on WAF Policies. The policy set by Traceable would be displayed in Imperva.

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