API Activity
  • 25 May 2023
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API Activity

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The API activity page gives you a high-level view of API traffic in your infrastructure. The page provides information about the Total number of calls in the selected time-period, the number of internal or external calls, Live requests, Top API Endpoints, and a live map which displays the location from where requests are originating. The API activity page also provides a summary of the recent changes made to the APIs.

Click on Environment and then select the time range from the drop-down list to select the time for which you want data to be displayed.

Live requests

One of the most useful data to view in API activity is Live requests. Traceable displays live requests for your chosen Environment along with the IP addresses. The live requests are a combination of both, internal and external calls. Monitoring live requests provides you with real-time information about what resources are being accessed by APIs. 

Top Endpoints

Traceable lists the Top Endpoints based on the number of calls/minute during the selected time-period. Click on the API Endpoint name to view more details about the API. As the screenshot below shows, you can view all the IP addresses that accessed the API Endpoint, along with the URL and status code. Click on the plus (+) sign to view more information about the specific request. You can also view the protocol, for example, GRPC or HTTP with the total number of calls in the selected time duration. Hovering the mouse over the graph, displays the number of calls during a minute, as shown below.

External Calls

The External Calls widget shows the number of calls originating from a specific geographical location along with the name of the city. If you see more number of calls originating from a geographic location, you may want to investigate. When you click on a specific geographic location, Traceable displays detailed traces from that place. This is another actionable forensic information provided by Traceable to protect your API infrastructure.

Total calls

Traceable provides the total of internal and external calls in the chosen time-period. As shown in the screenshot below, the bar graph shows the internal and external calls separately. You can select the time-period for which you wish to view the total number of calls. By default, the total number of calls is shown for 30-minutes, with a maximum value of 6-hours. The total calls section also shows the number of internal and external API calls.

Recent changes

Traceable provides with another powerful option to view new and updated APIs in the selected time range. As shown in the screenshot below, the recent changes section lists all the new and updated APIs. When you hover the mouse over Update, a pop-up window shows the total number of new parameters and the parameters that are being learned. These parameters are divided into request and response parameters.

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