• 01 Dec 2021
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Complete the following steps to install all the Traceable components using a helm chart. Traceable currently only supports Helm 3.

Label Namespace

export TOKEN = <token>
export ENV = <dev,test,stage,prod>

Install Traceable services
Enter the following command to install Traceable services into your Kubernetes cluster.


Traceable supports only Helm 3.

helm repo add traceableai https://helm.traceable.ai
helm repo update
helm install --namespace traceableai traceable-agent traceableai/traceable-agent --create-namespace --set token=$TOKEN --set environment=$ENV


kubectl get pod -n traceableai

The output should show 1/1 READY similar to the following:

NAME                                     READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
traceable-agent-d8ff7cd79-qn2wb          1/1     Running   0          34m

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