APIs under threat
  • 25 May 2023
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APIs under threat

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Article Summary

The APIs under threat section of API Protection provides valuable information about the APIs under attack during the selected period. The APIs under threat page displays the following information:

  • Top-5 detected attacks.
  • Top-5 blocked attacks.
  • The number of requests received in the chosen period.
  • Active attack requests - These are attack-causing requests that Traceable has identified. However, these are not blocked, and neither the threats are mitigated.
  • A list of APIs under attack.

APIs under attack

The APIs under attack section provides a list of APIs that are under attack along with various other information. Traceable displays the name of the API that is under attack along with the API method. Another important piece of information about the attack is the origin of the attack. If you see numerous attack requests from a specific country, you can block all the requests originating from that country. You can use Traceable's location blocking option to block attacks originating from a location. Navigate to Protection → Settings → Custom Policy. Click on Add Policy button and choose Malicious Sources to create the policy.

You can fine-tune the displayed results by using one or more than one filter, for example, Malicious Behavior, Attackers, and Attack Origins. The Request Volume column displays the total number of requests received by the listed API Endpoint in the chosen time. The blocked in the Attack Requests column are the number of requests that Traceable blocked based on some rule. You can view more information about the API under attack by clicking on the listed API Endpoint. 

Following is a short demo of APIs under attack:

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