Release Notes - Platform agent
  • 23 Dec 2023
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Release Notes - Platform agent

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1.40.0 - 22nd December

Traceable’s 1.40.0 release provides the following:


  • OTEL - The 1.40.0 release updates the OTEL collector to version 0.90.1.

  • OPA - The 1.40.0 release updates the OPA version to 0.59.0

  • eBPF - The 1.40.0 release updates the eBPF version 1.10.4

1.39.0 - 13th December

Traceable’s 1.39.0 release provides the following:


  • Configurable status code and message - The 1.39.0 release provides options to configure a custom status code and custom message for blocked requests for Kong and Istio. You can configure these fields in Traceable Platform agent configuration.

        response_status_code: <Your_status_code>
        response_message: "<Your_custom_message>"
        response_status_code: <Your_status_code>
        response_message: "<Your_custom_message>"

    If you are using Helm in values.yaml, then configure the following:


Resolved issues



Traceable Platform agent

1.39.0 resolves a few vulnerabilities in the Platform agent.

AST (API Security Testing)

1.39.0 resolves the CVE-2022-33082 vulnerability.

1.38.1 - 24th Nov

Traceable’s 1.38.1 release resolves a few internal bugs.

1.38.0 - 22nd Nov

Traceable's 1.38.0 release provides the following:


  • eBPF - 1.38.0 release adds support for eBPF deployment on SUSE Linux using the installation script.

  • Helm and Terraform - 1.38.0 release provides Helm and Terraform configuration options for eBPF deployment on Kubernetes. These options are related to connection and request limits.

Resolved issues




1.38.0 release resolves an issue with otelgrpc vulnerability.

1.37.2 - 31st October

Traceable's 1.37.2 release provides the following:


  • HAProxy - 1.37.2 release removes redundant path argument in HAProxy agent configuration.

  • User - 1.37.2 release allows running the Platform agent as a non-default user.

  • PCF - 1.37.2 release adds options for configuring maximum memory for the eBPF tracer and Platform agent. For more information, see Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

  • Java agent - 1.37.2 release updates the Java agent to 1.1.2

  • eBPF tracer - 1.37.2 release updates the eBPF tracer to 1.8.1

  • OTEL collector - 1.37.2 release upgrades the OTEL collector to 0.87.0

Resolved issues



Installation script

1.37.2 resolves an issue of a failure of the installation script on RHEL.

Helm charts

1.37.2 resolves an issue with node selector configurations in Platform agent deployment using Helm charts.

1.36.2 - 16th October

Traceable's 1.36.2 release provides the following update:

  • 1.36.2 release optimizes Traceable's agent for Istio. Zipkin is not needed for the optimized agent.

1.36.1 - 4th October

Traceable's 1.36.1 release provides the following update:

  • Mirroring -  1.36.1 release adds support to autoscale Traceable Platform agent for mirroring deployments.

  • Mirroring - 1.36.1 release adds support to use specified certificates for the TLS packet capture server that is used in TLS traffic mirroring.

  • Helm and Terraform - 1.36.1 release allows specifying image names when using Helm and terraform for deployments.

  • eBPF Java TLS capture - 1.36.1 release adds support to enable Java TLS capture in Helm or Terraform and in the installation script.

1.35.1 - 25th September

Traceable's 1.35.1 Platform agent release provides some internal fixes.

1.35.0 - 6th September

Traceable's 1.35.0 release provides the following update:

  • GCP - 1.35.0 release adds support for reading the Traceable agent token from Google Secret Manager.

  • AWS VPC mirroring - 1.35.0 release adds support for Tags-based discovery of load balancers in AWS VPC mirroring setup. For more information, see AWS VPC mirroring.

1.34.1 - 22nd August

Traceable's 1.34.1 release provides the following update:

  • Installation script - 1.34.1 installation script provides you an option to configure the number of log files to back up and the maximum size of each log file. This is applicable to eBPF, eBPF-only and tpa-only deployments. For more information, see Traffic mirroring for VM.

1.34.0 - 18th August

Traceable's 1.34.0 release provides the following updates:

  • HTTPS proxy - 1.34.0 release adds support for configuring HTTPS proxy for Traceable Platform agent. The Helm value and Terraform variable are httpsProxy and https_proxy respectively. For more information, see Helm and Terraform values.

  • AWS mirroring - 1.34.0 release adds support for AWS mirroring in large-scale deployments with improved error handling.

  • HAProxy - 1.34.0 release adds the ability for HAProxy agent to recover from TCP connection accept errors.

  • Installation script 1.34.0 release removes stale and existing eBPF and mirroring components before a fresh installation.  

1.32.1 - 24th July

Traceable's 1.32.1 release provides the following updates:

  • Redaction - 1.32.1 release supports redaction of XML bodies that are URL encoded.

  • AWS API gateway monitoring - 1.32.1 release adds support for AWS API gateway monitoring. For more information, see AWS API gateway monitoring.

  • TLS connection to platform - 1.32.1 release adds support to configure custom CA certificate for TLS connection to Traceable Platform agent. The new flag to be configured is --remote-cert-path. For more information, see Traffic mirroring for VM.

  • eBPF 

    • 1.32.1 release updates the eBPF tracer version to 0.1.46.

    • 1.32.1 release resolves an issue of agent port configuration when eBPF is installed on a virtual machine (VM) with TLS communication to the Traceable Platform agent enabled.

    • 1.32.1 release provides the ability to set additional annotations for the eBPF tracer daemonset.

  • Java agent - 1.32.1 updates the Java agent version to 1.1.1

  • OTEL collector - 1.32.1 updates the OTEL collector to version 0.80.0

1.31.0 - 15th June

Traceable's 1.31.0 release provides the following updates:

  • gRPC payload - 1.31.0 release increases the default gRPC payload size on collector to 16 MB.

  • Platform agent - 1.31.0 release supports Platform agent deployment on an EC2 instance using Terraform.

  • Tolerations - 1.31.0 release allows configuring Tolerations for eBPF pods. For more information, see eBPF.

  • Reverse proxy in Platform agent - 1.31.0 release provides an option to create a reverse proxy when http_reverse_proxy_enabled is set to true. By default, it is set to false. Port number 5442 is used for reverse proxy.

  • Java agent version - 1.31.0 release updates the Java agent used by the injector to version 1.1.0.

1.30.1 - 16th May

Traceable Platform agent's 1.30.1 resolves a few internal bugs.

1.30.0 - 8th May

Traceable's 1.30.0 release provides the following updates:

  • Warning logs - 1.30.0 release of Platform agent resolves the issue of excessive warning logs in the Platform agent processing pipeline.

  • Platform agent ports - 1.30.0 allows you to configure all the Platform agent ports.

    ActionScript ActionScript

        opentelemetry: 5317
        opentelemetryHttp: 5318
        opencensus: 5319
        zipkin: 5320
        jaeger: 5321
        jaegerthrift: 5322
        prometheus: 5323
        prometheus_receiver: 5324
        zpages: 5325
        pprof: 5326
        health_check: 5327
  • Port 443 as default port - 1.30.0 release of Platform agent makes port number 443 as the default port in cases when a port number is not provided in the agent configuration.

  • AWS VPC mirroring - 1.30.0 release of Platform updates the following for VPC mirroring:

    • Resolves an issue with VPC where NLB continues to send data packets even mirroring target is deregistered.

    • External Terraform - 1.30.0 removes the dependency of external Terraform provider for AWS VPC mirroring deployment.

    • CloudFormation template - If you are using AWS VPC mirroring CloudFormation template with DeployTraceableAgentInECS=false, the platform agent instances are created through a managed instance group. Traceable creates an NLB to send the traffic to these instances.

    • Timeout value  - Provides support to configure the Terraform timeout value for mirroring session lambda. The default value is 600 seconds.

    • AMI configurable - You can customize the AMI ID used for Traceable Platform agent instances by configuring the custom_ami_id value.

  • Node selector - 1.30.0 release supports NodeSelectors for eBPF, Platform agent, and Daemonset deployments. Use ebpfNodeSelectors for eBPF and nodeSelectors for Platform agent and Daemonset deployment. Node Selector in Kubernetes is a feature that allows you to constrain the pods to run on specific nodes in the cluster. When you create a pod, you can use the nodeSelector field to specify a set of labels that must match the labels on a node for the pod to be scheduled on that node.

  • Mirroring - 1.30.0 resolves an issue where, when the TLS traffic was captured by mirroring, the URL was not reflected as HTTPS.

  • ext_cap - 1.30.0 Platform agent handles case where body is already unzipped even though content type header specifies body is zipped.

  • eBPF

    • 1.30.0 release supports Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployment.

    • 1.30.0 resolves an issue where high memory usage by eBPF led system getting out of memory.

  • AWS API calls - 1.30.0 resolves the following issues regarding AWS API calls:

    • Graceful handling of paginated responses from AWS API calls.

    • Resolution of an issue where Lambda output to CloudFormation template could go beyond the limits.

    • Output now provides a summary of successes and failures.

1.29.4 - 12th April

Traceable's 1.29.4 release provides the following update:

  • Data parsing - Traceable agent drops the truncated request response attributes when their parsing fails.

  • AWS VPC mirroring - 1.29.4 release fixes a bug where response data was associated with incorrect request data for AWS VPC mirroring.

1.29.3 - 5th April

Traceable's 1.29.3 release has a set of internal bug fixes that improve the Platform agent. The release provides the ability to add port/process name-based filters to identify processes to instrument. For more information, see the eBPF section in Traffic mirroring for VM topic. It provides -P | -ports PORTS the option for a comma separated list of ports that you wish to track.

1.29.1 – 24th March

Traceable's 1.29.1 release provides support for configuring the OTLP ports using Helm chart or Terraform value. For more information, see Collector's Helm and Terraform values.

1.29.0 – 15th March

Traceable's 1.29.0 release has the following updates:

  • Custom image registry – Platform agent 1.29.0 supports custom image registry without credentials in helm and terraform deployments.

  • DaemonSet mirroring – Platform agent 1.29.0 adds support for capturing egress traffic for DaemonSet Suricata mirroring.

  • NGINX ingress controller and OpenResty – Platform agent 1.29.0 corrects the issue of missed capture of request body for TLS traffic for NGINX Ingress Controller and OpenResty.

  • AWS mirroring – Platform 1.29.0 supports multiple source VPCs for AWS VPC mirroring.

  • AWS VPC mirroring – Platform 1.29.0 corrects the issue where a public IP address was being assigned to the Traceable Platform agent in a private subnet.

  • XML redaction – Platform 1.29.0 corrects the issue of redaction when XML bodies contain namespace.

1.28.1 – 27th January

Traceable's 1.28.1 release has the following updates:

  • Traffic mirroring – Platform agent 1.28.1 provides traffic mirroring install packages for airgapped environments. For more information, see Traffic mirroring for VM.

1.28.0 – 25th January

Traceable's 1.28.0 release has the following updates:

  • Performance improvement – Platform agent 1.28.0 improves data capture performance for agents that use ext_cap to capture data.

  • Request blocking – Platform agent 1.28.0 provides support to block IP addresses based on the type of IP address, for example, bot IP address, TOR IP address, or an anonymous VPN IP address.

  • Default XML data capture – Platform agent 1.28.0 captures the XML data by default for TME based agents, for example, HAProxy, NGINX ingress controller, and so on.

  • Platform agent installation – Platform agent 1.28.0 provides an option ( -tpa-only) in the installation script that installs only the Platform agent and does not set up traffic mirroring.

  • Traffic mirroring (uninstall) – Platform agent 1.28.0 provides an uninstallation script for traffic mirroring agent.

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