Release Notes - Platform agent
  • 24 Mar 2023
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Release Notes - Platform agent

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1.29.1 – 24th March

Traceable's 1.29.1 release provides support for configuring the OTLP ports using Helm chart or Terraform value. For more information, see Collector's Helm and Terraform values.

1.29.0 – 15th March

Traceable's 1.29.0 release has the following updates:

  • Custom image registry – Platform agent 1.29.0 supports custom image registry without credentials in helm and terraform deployments.
  • DaemonSet mirroring – Platform agent 1.29.0 adds support for capturing egress traffic for DaemonSet Suricata mirroring.
  • NGINX ingress controller and OpenResty – Platform agent 1.29.0 corrects the issue of missed capture of request body for TLS traffic for NGINX Ingress Controller and OpenResty.
  • AWS mirroring – Platform 1.29.0 supports multiple source VPCs for AWS VPC mirroring.
  • AWS VPC mirroring – Platform 1.29.0 corrects the issue where a public IP address was being assigned to the Traceable Platform agent in a private subnet.
  • XML redaction – Platform 1.29.0 corrects the issue of redaction when XML bodies contain namespace.

1.28.1 – 27th January

Traceable's 1.28.1 release has the following updates:

  • Traffic mirroring – Platform agent 1.28.1 provides traffic mirroring install packages for airgapped environments. For more information, see Traffic mirroring for VM.

1.28.0 – 25th January

Traceable's 1.28.0 release has the following updates:

  • Performance improvement – Platform agent 1.28.0 improves data capture performance for agents that use ext_cap to capture data.
  • Request blocking – Platform agent 1.28.0 provides support to block IP addresses based on the type of IP address, for example, bot IP address, TOR IP address, or an anonymous VPN IP address.
  • Default XML data capture – Platform agent 1.28.0 captures the XML data by default for TME based agents, for example, HAProxy, NGINX ingress controller, and so on.
  • Platform agent installation – Platform agent 1.28.0 provides an option (-tpa-only) in the installation script that installs only the Platform agent and does not set up traffic mirroring.
  • Traffic mirroring (uninstall) – Platform agent 1.28.0 provides an uninstallation script for traffic mirroring agent.

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