Release Notes - Mulesoft agent
  • 04 May 2023
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Release Notes - Mulesoft agent

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1.22.0 - 3rd May

Traceable's Mulesoft agent 1.22 release supports the capturing of response bodies even when there are no downstream calls.

1.20 - 10th March

Traceable's Mulesoft agent 1.20 release has the following updates:

  • ext_cap for Java policy - Traceable's Java-based Mulesoft policy 1.20 has been updated to use ext_cap for sending data to Traceable Platform agent.
  • Mule runtime 4.3 - Traceable's Mulesoft agent 1.20 now supports Mule runtime 4.3.
  • Compression for Java policy - Traceable's Mulesoft agent 1.20 provides TA DATA CAPTURE COMPRESS GZIP property for Java policy to compress the captured data in GZIP format while exporting to Traceable Platform agent.
  • CloudHub - If you are using CloudHub 1.0 applications, the service name is the mule-app name, not the one you configured in policy. The service name configured in policy is used only for CloudHub 2.0 applications.

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