Release Notes - Apigee
  • 09 Oct 2023
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Release Notes - Apigee

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1.28.0 - 25th September

Traceable's Apigee agent 1.28.0 is updated to always attach the Traceable policy on all the four flows.

1.27.0 - 12th July

Traceable's Apigee agent 1.27.0 captures exit calls to backend from Apigee to support 3rd-party API capture. Note that you need to apply the policy on all the four flows, that is:

  • PreProxy
  • PreTarget
  • PostTarget
  • PostProxy

Exit call capture from Apigee to support 3rd-party API capture requires Traceable Platform agent 1.32.1 or later.

1.26.0 - 25th May

Traceable's Apigee agent 1.26.0 has the following updates:

  • Streaming APIs - 1.26.0 release does not capture bodies on streaming APIs.
  • Error response - 1.26.0 release supports capturing the error response if the error occurs in PreFlow itself.
  • Empty headers - 1.26.0 release adds a check for empty headers and does not send null header values to Traceable Platform agent.

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