Protection Dashboard
  • 30 Nov 2021
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Protection Dashboard

The topic describes the various threat postures that Traceable identifies and displays in its Dashboard.

Traceable's agents and modules capture user requests and send them to the Traceable platform. The platform analyses the user requests and responses and displays the various threats or attacks on your infrastructure along with the details of the threat actor. 

Threat-actors are users or entities, for example, bots, that carry out the attacks on your system. For more information on threat-actors, see Threat Detection. The platform presents rich information about the activities carried out by the threat actors on your system. Traceable captures and displays metadata like IP address, username, email address, and so on for further analysis and action on such activities. 

Traceable displays threat information along with the high-level details of threat-actor in the Dashboard section as shown in the screenshot below.

The Dashboard section displays a list of active threats with the date, time, and IP address of the threat event.

The topic covers the following:

Assets under threat

Traceable Dashboard displays the top assets in your environment that are under threat. This includes Edge APIs and services under threat. 

Top security events

Security events are the events generated when a threat or attack is identified. The security event gives information about the type of threat, the threat-actor, and other related information. Traceable Dashboard displays the top security events of the last 1-hour. For more information, see Security events.

Top endpoints and services

Traceable Dashboard displays the top endpoints and services in your environment. You can sort the endpoints and services based on various parameters like the number of calls, errors, latency numbers, and so on. You can navigate to the respective sections of the Dashboard to view a more detailed analysis of the data. 

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