Release Notes - Java agent
  • 05 Jan 2024
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Release Notes - Java agent

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1.1.5 - 21st December

Traceable’s Java agent 1.1.5 release has the following:

Resolved issues

  • Vulnerabilities - 1.1.5 agent resolves a few vulnerabilities in dependencies.

  • Instrumentation - 1.1.5 agent resolves a few instrumentations (spring4shell, log4shell, cmdi, and LDAP) that were not working in the previous release.

1.1.3 - 13th December

Traceable’s Java agent 1.1.3 release has the following:


  • Span drop - The 1.1.3 agent, by default, drops spans from unsupported frameworks. For a complete list, see Supported frameworks.

  • Remote connection - The 1.1.3 agent supports remote connection using TLS with certificates from Java Keystore. For more information, see Configuration variables.

  • Drop span without a parent - The 1.1.3 agent drops client/exit spans that do not have a parent span.

1.1.2 - 6th September

Traceable's Java agent 1.1.2 release has the following update:

  • The 1.1.2 version adds support for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) blocking.

1.1.1 - 28th June

Traceable's Java agent 1.1.1 release has the following updates:

  • Keep-alive headers - The 1.1.1 version resolves an issue with connection keep-alive headers in Netty.

  • TLS connection - The 1.1.1 version adds a secure configuration option to enable TLS connections to Traceable's Platform agent without a need to specify the certificate path.

1.1.0 - 12th May

Traceable's Java agent 1.1.0 release has the following updates:

  • OTEL and Hypertrace (HT) version - The 1.1.0 version upgrades the HT version to 1.3.2 and OTEL version to 1.24.0.

  • Rate-limiting rules - The 1.1.0 version resolves an issue related to fetching of rate-limiting rules.

  • New instrumentation support - The 1.1.0 version adds instrumentation for identifying LDAP and command injection.

  • Span drop - The 1.1.0 version now uses exclusion rules to drop spans in Java agent before sending it to Traceable's Platform agent.

1.0.12 - 10th March

Traceable's Java agent 1.0.12 release has the following updates:

  • Environment variables and system properties - Java agent's 1.0.12 version provides a new set of environment variables and system properties for:

    • OPA

    • Blocking configurations

    • Remote configuration

    • Debug logs

    • API discovery

    • Sampling
      For more information, see Java agent.

  • Hypertrace agent - Java agent's 1.0.12 version upgrades the Hypertrace agent to version 1.2.9.

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