• 30 Apr 2024
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Traceable provides you with a rich and detailed dashboard that shows you insights into some of the most important statistics from your account. Traceable retrieves the statistics from various categories in your account, such as API Catalog and Protection, and shows them in the form of widgets. By default, the following widgets are visible on the dashboard:



Traceable allows you to customize the dashboard according to your requirements. To do so, you can contact Traceable Support or your Account Manager.

  • DISCOVERY — This donut chart shows the count of discovered internal and external APIs that have been learned or are under learning. For more information on these APIs, see API Discovery.

  • API TYPE — This table shows the type of API protocols discovered and their corresponding counts. These counts are derived from the total number of internal and external APIs discovered. For more information on these API types, see Traces.

  • TOP 10 SENSITIVE DATA TYPES BY REQUEST COUNT — This bar chart shows the top 10 data types discovered in API request and response along with their count. For more information on these data types, see Sensitive data.

  • VULNERABILITIES — This column chart shows the security gaps (issues) identified across discovered API endpoints in the past seven days. Upon hovering, it also shows the status of the issues and their respective counts. For more information on these security gaps, see Issues.

  • OWASP API TOP 10 — This table shows the OWASP API security risk, the vulnerability category to which the security risk belongs, and the count of associated API endpoints. For more information on these risks, see API Catalog.

  • THREATS CATEGORY — This table shows the threat categories and the count of API endpoints belonging to that category. For more information on these threats, see Threat activity.

  • ACTIVE THREATS — This time series chart shows the active threats across discovered API endpoints in the past seven days. Upon hovering, it also shows the count of threats discovered at a particular time. For more information on these threats, see Events.

By default, the data in the above widgets is visible for the Last 1 day across All Environments. You can modify these settings to display the statistics according to your requirements. For example, let us say you want to view the statistics for the production environment for the last month. Then, from the Environments drop-down in the top left corner of the Dashboard, you can select production, and from the Duration drop-down in the top right corner, you can select Custom. Further, you can specify the date and time range for which you want Traceable to show the statistics. The data in the widgets is changed to show the statistics according to your selected settings.

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