• 13 Jun 2024
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Dell Boomi is a cloud-based integration platform (iPaaS) service that enables organizations to connect applications, data, and processes across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. While Boomi is not a network gateway, it facilitates communication and data exchange between systems within and across different organizations. It provides API management features, allowing the creation, publishing, and management of APIs.

Traceable supports data capture on Dell Boomi using eBPF. It provides an installation script for setting up eBPF-based data capture on a virtual machine. The script should be run to set up eBPF on the Boomi VM and to set up the Traceable Platform Agent on a separate VM.

The following diagram shows a high-level deployment diagram.

Before you begin

Make a note of the following points before proceeding with the integration:

  • Save the Traceable agent token. Go to Traceable's platform and navigate to Settings (image-1638268402925)AccountAccess Tokens → Agent Token. Copy and save the token. You will need it in the Traceable agent installation process.

Download the script

To download the script, go to Traceable's download site. Navigate to install → traffic-mirroring → linux → latest. Click on the script to download it, or enter the following command in your terminal:

curl -O

Provide the execute permission to the script. Enter the following command:

chmod +x


Use the installation script to deploy eBPF on Boomi VMs and the Traceable Platform agent on a centralized Traceable VM. Traffic is captured through eBPF from the Boomi machine and sent to the Platform agent running on the Traceable VM, as shown in the diagram above.

Follow the instructions in the Traffic mirroring for VM topic to complete the installation.


The Traffic mirroring topic explains the --enable-java-tls-capture flag. If your Boomi setup accepts TLS connections, then use this flag with the ebpf-only installation option.


You can verify a successful installation of the Traceable Platform agent for Boomi by completing the following steps:

  1. Log into the Traceable platform.

  2. Select your environment name from the Environment drop-down list. 

This would display the mirrored data on the Traceable platform.

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