API Protection
  • 20 Jul 2022
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API Protection

Traceable's API Protection is divided into Protection, API Abuse, and Audit. API protection is the next step after Traceable has discovered APIs in your ecosystem and you have observed their behavior using API Catalog.

The Protection section provides you with detailed information on Threat actors, the APIs that are under threat, threat activities, and the events that are generatedYou can start your API Protection journey by viewing all the Threat actors in your API infrastructure in the chosen time duration. The threat actors are further segregated into active, monitored, suspended, and so on. Once you have viewed the threat actors in your system, you can view all the APIs that are under threat or being probed by these threat actors. The APIs under threat section provides you with rich information on number of attackers as well as the number of active attackers along with other useful information. The activities carried out by threat actors leads to various Security Events being generated. Traceable displays all such security events. The Threat activity section provides summary as well as an in-depth view of all the identified threat activities for the chosen time duration. You can filter these threat activities based on various filters, for example, threat activity, threat actor, and so on. 

The API Abuse section provides you rich information on Data Protection and User Behavior. Traceable provides a summary as well as detailed information about Data exfiltration along with the user information associated with Data exfiltration attempts. You can use the Settings section to configure the various Detection settings, the parameters for Threat scoring. You can also create API Overuse (rate limiting) rules from the settings section.

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