This topic describes how to configure Traceable for receiving regular notifications about events and threats.
Timely and actionable notifications play an important role in application protection. Custom notifications also help you in streamlining the type of notifications you want to receive and the frequency at which you want to receive them. For example, you can create custom notifications, for:
    A detected security event
    An event that is blocked. For more information, see Blocked Events
    Threat actor's stage change. For more information, see Threat mitigation
Each event has a severity associated with it, for example, high, medium, or low. You can choose the severity of events for which you want to be notified. For example, you can choose to be notified only for high and medium severity events. Navigate to Settings > Notifications page to create custom notifications. Creating a custom notification is a two-step process.
    Create a channel
    Create notification rule
A notification is distributed through a channel.

Create a channel

A channel is a set of group of mediums or people to whom you want to notify when a type of event is triggered. You can send notifications to one or more email IDs, through a slack webhook or a custom webhook.
On the Settings > Notifications page, click on Create Channel button and provide the details to configure a channel. You can later edit or delete the channel. Once you have created a channel, as the next step, create a notification rule.

Create notification rule

A notification is sent through a channel for a category of events and event type. Event type for which you can create notification could be, for example, XSS, scanners, rate limiting, path manipulations, and so on. The notifications are created for a specific Environment or all the environments. Select the environment from the Environment drop-down list. After you have configured all the rules for notification, choose a channel from the list of channels that you created earlier. You can at any time change the channel to which you want to send the notification. However, a notification can be sent to only one channel at a time. In the end, choose the frequency of notification from one notification every hour to one notification in 24-hours.
If you delete a channel that is associated with a notification rule, then you have to manually associate the notification to an already available channel or create a new channel to associate with the notification rule.
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